Drea Lake is a singer songwriter who grew up on conservation and rehabilitated land near Elora.  She currently resides in Montreal.   Her acoustic sound reflects influences of pop, folk, finger style guitar and neo-soul.  Drea sings the gamut of the human experience, often faith in the phoenix rising in love, friendship, and the world. 

Lake's love of nature is ever present.  Multi instrumentalist Delorca calls her "a craftswoman of delicate songs and a voice that sings the Canadian landscape." Author, songwriter and clinician Andrea Stolpe says:  "Untouched, raw and organic, Andrea Lake sings story and metaphor straight to your heart.  Braided harmonies and melodies reveal lyrics at once wistful, poetic and enduring.  Lake’s grooves range from mellow and airy to a driving pulse.  She nurtures her listeners and rekindles faith in humankind."

Born into a family of musicians, Drea began music education before the age of five in recorder and then piano and soon moved on to voice.  Former San Francisco opera singer Deborah Skoggard discovered and mentored her in her teens during a time when she regularly performed as a singer.  She also discovered the guitar at this time, pursuing classical as well as acoustic styles.  

Drea lived abroad and devoted time to the study of philosophy and yoga.  During this time her drive to continue to pursue guitar and learn songwriting crystallized.  She studied with finger style guitar teachers and mentors including Calum Graham, Jason Fowler and Tony McManus, and studied in a songwriters program at Berklee Online with Berklee College of Music.

Drea is currently co-writing with numerous musicians in the United States and Canada, writing her own songs, studying the craft and performing.